Diocesan body entrusts Agedi Italia with the sale of a real estate portfolio
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An important body of the diocese of Ravenna has entrusted Agedi Italia with the exclusive assignment to sell part of its real estate assets. The properties in question, with a total value of approximately 20 million euros, have been selected for sale as part of wider real estate development and optimization assignment, also in the hands of Agedi Italia, thanks to which it has been possible to develop new concepts and redevelopment projects, in particular of a tourist or social-health-related nature.

“The heritage, mainly located in Romagna, diversified and largely in need of redevelopment, represents an interesting investment opportunity in a Region that has always been a model of economy, welfare, and good governance – commented Valeria Genesio, Chairman of Agedi Italia – Moreover, the growing desire, after the lockdown, to take refuge in places that allow people to live in nature and to reconcile family, work and free time, in addition to the latest tax benefits for building renovations, make the properties of this Romagna heritage even more attractive today”.