Valeria Genesio for Irpimedia: “Milan 2030 is an opportunity for real estate”

Milan is about to face 2030. Despite the pandemic, the real estate market is holding up. After EXPO 2015, the project for Milano city is now the goal of year 2030, under the banner of sustainable urban development, an increasingly advanced mobility system and public parks and gardens.

In the article published by Irpimedia on the future of the city of Milan, among the experts interviewed was the Agedi Italia Chairman, Valeria Genesio, with her opinion about real estate trends.

After the EXPO ‘showcase’, the trail of Milanese successes

According to lawyer Genesio, the historic phase of EXPO 2015 was “a successful operation, a fundamental showcase for Italy”, but now the goal is the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics, the next event on the city’s international agenda:

“It is the opportunity to bring international tourism to Cortina as well and to get to work on the infrastructure, which is one of the shortcomings we suffer from. Expo was a fundamental trigger for the recovery of the Milanese property market, Cortina could be too, but the context is already growing”.

On the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Milanese real estate sector, she stated:

“The Covid-19 emergency had a suspenseful effect, but in the recovery, the trends that were in place are developing, including the development of real estate sector such emerging asset classes, such as student housing and senior living facilities.”

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