A new important assignment for Agedi: the valorisation of the Real Collegio of Moncalieri of the Barnabite Fathers

Agedi Group has received a new assignment for real estate development from the Barnabite Fathers, an important religious order founded in 1530 and today dedicated, alongside the sacred ministry, to the education and training of young people through the management of numerous schools and boarding schools.

The first property to be redeveloped by Agedi will be the Real Collegio Carlo Alberto in Moncalieri (Turin), a true symbol of Piedmonts’ and Italian history, founded in 1833 by the Savoy sovereign himself and run, until a few years ago, by the Barnabite Fathers, who have turned it into an educational centre of considerable importance.

For over a century, the Collegio of Moncalieri educated thousands of young people from aristocratic and upper middle-class Italian and foreign families, preparing them for their future careers. Many of them played a central role in the historical events that involved the whole country, such as the Unification of Italy.

The event at the Real Collegio of Moncalieri “A glorious past, a future to imagine” – 22nd September 2021

On the occasion of the event dedicated to the Real Collegio Carlo Alberto ‘Un glorioso passato, un futuro da immaginare’ (A glorious past, a future to imagine) on 22nd September, organised by the Barnabite Fathers in Moncalieri inside the historic College, the topic was the past, but above all the future of the Collegio.

Coordinated by Father Ivano Cazzaniga, with Dr Judith Trinchero as moderator and with musical interludes by the Masters of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, among the speakers were the Mayor of Moncalieri, Professor Luca Mercalli (President of the Italian Meteorological Society), Professor Marco Galloni (former scientific director of the Scientific and Technological Archive of the University of Turin), Dr Emanuela Reale (director of IRCRES/CNR of Moncalieri), architect Marina Deabate (director of renovation works at the College), engineer Francesco Costa (president of the Union of former boarders of the Real Collegio Carlo Alberto of Moncalieri).

During the event, Agedi, represented by its president, Valeria Genesio, also intervened to express its vision of the Real Collegio, following to the recent assignment received.

Read the text of Valeria Genesio’s speech below.

Agedi’s contribution to the event dedicated to the Real Collegio Carlo Alberto

“We are honoured to be chosen every day by numerous ecclesiastical, religious and non-profit organisations to accompany them in the management and enhancement of their real estate assets, and we consider ourselves privileged to be able to deal with buildings of such historical, artistic and cultural importance as the Real Collegio Carlo Alberto.

As part of our activities on behalf of these institutions, we conceive and implement, among others, property enhancement projects with a high strategic, cultural and civil value, thanks also to our strong link to human and ethical values that favour the development of a more social economy.

When developing a project to enhance the value of a property, we always start by studying its history and the area in which it is located – in other words, what we call the “knowledge and flavours” – taking inspiration from these elements to imagine new places and give new roles and content to the property.

In this respect, the Real Collegio of Moncalieri, a true symbol of Piedmontese and Italian history, “spreads history from every corner and strongly stimulates our imagination.

Imposing, but at the same time very welcoming, the structure of the building was already modern at the time, especially in the part of the students’ dormitories and common areas, a prime example of today’s co-working and co-living spaces. Despite the successive extensions to the building, the whole is harmonious and functional.

Although we have only just started working on the building, there is no shortage of ideas. Our primary goal is to preserve as much as possible of the building’s history and its original educational and training mission.

Fortunately, today there are many investors with a keen interest in real estate development projects linked to culture and environmental and social sustainability, especially in the ESG-Environmental, Social & Governance world, also thanks to the possibility of tapping into the significant resources of the National Recovery Plan.

However, for the success of this enhancement process, we consider the collaboration of public and private entities such as companies, institutions, local administrations, and bodies linked to the reference territory to be decisive.

In this sense, we will gladly welcome contributions from all participants in this event, in terms of ideas or project proposals on the Real Collegio, treasuring the teaching of the Barnabite Father Giovanni Semeria, who trained here: “Wheat and grapes do not ripen and become bread and wine without the sun and the rain of the good Lord; but this is not enough: it takes the work and sweat of man”.

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Visit Real Collegio Carlo Alberto di Moncalieri’s website (https://www.realcollegiocarloalbertomoncalieri.it)