The Real Collegio Moncalieri valorization

Real estate valorisation is a process that starts with knowledge of the history of the property and the place where it is located, which are often the first source of inspiration.

When it comes to an asset that is no longer used, perhaps for years, the primary objective is to rescue it from decline, identifying what in real estate is defined as ‘highest and best use’ and considering whether its original function still meets current needs or whether, on the contrary, it would be better to assign that property a new mission that meets needs more in line with reality. Today, the value of a property, without prejudice to its intrinsic qualities, increasingly depends on its content and on who uses it. The focus has, in fact, shifted from the owner to the user who – in order to be able to remain in the property for a long time and thus ensure its permanent valorization – must be able to best interpret the needs of the community and its continuous evolutions, with consequent positive social and economic repercussions on the territory as well.