The Future of Real Estate: Trends & Beyond. The challenge of uncertainty for the real estate sector
The Future of Real Estate: Trends & Beyond

An independent and qualified insight into Europe’s current and future challenges and their implications for the economy and the real estate sector

Uncertain outlook for the real estate sector: the continuing pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the ensuing energy crisis, rising inflation and rising mortgage interest rates are holding back the real estate recovery across Europe.

This is what emerged from The Future of Real Estate: Trends & Beyond conference that we organized in Beaulieu-sur-Mer (France) on September 14th, 2022.

Moderated by Massimo Cimatti, the workshop allowed participants to discuss short- and medium-term trends and their implications for the real estate sector in Europe, with a particular focus on Italy, France and Monaco.

Opening with Professor Giovanni Ferri, Professor of Economics at the LUMSA University in Rome, who emphasized the role that Europe can play in the global strategic assets that are emerging in this post-pandemic juncture.

Christian De Kerangal, Director General of the Institut de l’Épargne Immobilière et Foncière, provided an overview of the outlook for the French economy in 2023 and the impact on the real estate sector.

Finally, economist Renato Loiero, Parliamentary Councillor of the Senate of the Republic and member of Remind’s scientific committee, examined the Italian situation in the light of the upcoming elections, the implementation of the PNRR and the possibilities that are emerging for the real estate sector in the current global situation.

Finally, the day was enlivened by the singer Noa who, accompanied by Gil Dor, performed an intimate version of some songs from her fascinating repertoire.