Naples: Tourism and Authenticity

Naples: Tourism and Authenticity. Naples is currently experiencing its golden season, and the latest tourism data confirms it. According to Federalberghi’s survey, in the first half of 2023, Naples surpassed an average room occupancy rate of 78%.

That is to say, an increase of nearly 10% (68.5%) compared to the same period last year.

It’s a real boom for the capital of Campania, where in June, room occupancy rates reached almost 90%, a trend fuelled by concerts, exhibitions. Above all, the great celebration for winning the championship.

The average length of stay in the city has also significantly increased, approaching three nights. The clientele is well-balanced, with both Italians and foreigners. Americans lead the way, followed by the French and Japanese. Naples is striving to consolidate its success. Increasing the number of available beds, opening many hotels from international brands, while also improving the services offered.

The tourism offering in Naples is becoming increasingly diverse, catering to various needs, such as cultural, beach, gastronomic, sports, folklore, and more. This diversity ensures a constant presence of tourists throughout the year, aided by the mild climate, with peak seasons during summer and Christmas.

The “Naples” brand revolves around the concept of authenticity. Naples is presented as an authentic product: authenticity is the key ingredient when describing the houses, pizzas, streets, food, inhabitants, professions, and the hospitality they offer. Thanks to this authenticity, Naples and its inhabitants are unique in their own way. Neapolitan authenticity, like that of Lisbon or Barcelona, is singular and incomparable. This aspect adds significant economic value to the cultural heritage of Naples, both tangible and intangible.

To avoid gentrification resulting from the continuous growth of tourism in Naples, the city is currently directing tourists to new neighbourhoods like the Sanit√† district, where there is now a constant pilgrimage to admire the mural of Maradona, and the splendid Posillipo, aiming to distribute tourist flows and “decongest” the city centre.

Naples: Tourism and Authenticity

Naples: Tourism and Authenticity.

But Naples is not solely reliant on tourism.

Fresh from unprecedented football success, the city continues to stand out for its technological innovations, cutting-edge surgical interventions, and hosting international events with renowned artists gladly choosing to perform here, such as Bono Vox from U2 and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

Moreover, Naples always takes a prominent role in internationally acclaimed films like Paolo Sorrentino’s latest production and successful TV series worldwide, such as Gomorrah and Mare Fuori.

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Naples: Tourism and Authenticity