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Beyond Real Estate

Beyond Real Estate is the unconventional service of Agedi that goes beyond the boundaries of real estate thanks to our highly creative and innovative competences. Starting from the study of the “knowledge and flavours” of a property’s location we identify the unexpressed potential, imagine a new life to give to the asset, choose the players to involve and follow the entire path up to handover.



We design strategies, preserve our international and diverse clients’ real estate assets over time, and we create value. We do this on an ad-hoc and ex-novo basis. As part of our advisory service, we provide: Asset Management & Investment Advisory, Audits & Due Diligence, Market Research & Valuations, and Communication & Marketing Strategies.

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Property Management

For almost 100 years we have been repaying the trust placed in us by our clientele with accurate and timely management of their properties through advanced digital technology. We guarantee owners a constant control over their properties through reserved online access. We take care of every aspect of this service, from administrative to technical and maintenance management.



Sales, leases and renegotiations relating to any property constitute an integral part of our services, ensuring, further to complete discretion of information, a structured negotiation to provide the best economic and contractual conditions for the client up to the closure of the deal.

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Technical Services

We ensure that all technical and maintenance issues relating to a property are timely and effectively taken care of. Our technical services include General Contracting, Refurbishment, Facility Management, Architectural & Interior Design, and Turn-key Services for assets and the people.


Inside Agedi

  • It's all about the journey. What matters to us is the path to reach the goal. We take care of real estate assets by reinventing them, preserving them over time, and enhancing them. Freccia_bianca
  • Our multidisciplinary and multilingual team has extensive international experience in every real estate sector. Freccia_bianca
  • Our Vision goes beyond real estate. Our Mission is to give value to every property. This is what we live for. Values ​​that matter. Freccia_bianca