Who we are

Margherita 2 (2)

«Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.»

– Henry Ford

Management Team

valeria genesio

Valeria Genesio
Chairman of Agedi Italia
«Never be shallow. Real estate is more complex than it seems.»

sandrine bastien

Sandrine Bastien
General Manager of Agedi Monaco
«At Agedi, we consider each asset as our own, and each client as ourselves.»

riccardo bareato

Riccardo Bareato
Board Member of Agedi Italia
«Always listen; think with your head and act accordingly, but act!»

andrea mulas

Andrea Mulas
Senior Asset Manager, MRICS
«I follow an interdisciplinary approach based on the transversality of knowledge to make a contribution to the growth and development of Agedi.»

pascal attier

Pascal Attier
Administrative and Financial Manager
«Trust does not exclude control.»