Agedi at the Conference of the Treasurers of the Capuchin Poor Clares of Italy. Rome, 13th-15th December 2021.

During the Conference of the Treasurers organised by the Federation SACRA FAMIGLIA of the Capuchin Poor Clares of Italy, held in Rome, at the Auditorium San Pio X, from 13th to 15th December 2021, discussions were also held with regard to the management and the future of the Monasteries, places rich in history, tradition, and spirituality.

The panel of speakers also included Agedi’s senior asset manager Andrea Mulas, whose role was to illustrate the commitment of the real estate group as a full-service provider in accompanying numerous ecclesiastical and religious bodies in the development of their real estate assets.

The event was the occasion to illustrate some case studies of projects for the redevelopment of disused buildings of religious bodies, among those of particular social impact.

«Many religious bodies think that real estate is a burden,» commented Andrea Mulas on behalf of Agedi during the conference, «but in fact most of it has extraordinary unexpressed potential which, with the support of a real estate professional, deserves to be exploited not only economically but also with social, cultural and civil projects, especially nowadays when great attention is being paid on ESG-Environmental, Social & Governance oriented investments.