Massimo Cimatti at the Re Mind webinar: The cultural tourism project by Agedi Group
massimo cimatti gruppo agedi

During the Mipim 2020 held in Paris from 14 to 17 September 2020, was presented the 2020 Guide to Tourism and Real Estate Investments in Italy. The Guide was produced under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. It was also promoted by ENIT, and coordinated in its scientific part by Re Mind – Filiera Immobiliare. Among the four authors of the volume is our honorary president, Massimo Cimatti. His speech, included in the wider context of raising awareness about tourism in Italy, concerns the project, conceived by the Group Agedi, relating to the creation of the first cultural-themed hotel chain in Italy.

During the webinar “Cultura – Turismo – Infrastrutture – Immobiliare – Sostenibilit√† per la ripresa del Paese in Armonia con il creato” of 24 September 2020, organised by Re Mind and moderated by Alessandro Galimberti, President of the Journalists’ Association of Lombardy, President Cimatti also spoke about the enormous untapped potential of tourism in Italy.

The tourist-cultural project by Agedi Group: the “knowledge and flavours” of assets and places

“A few years ago I happened to study a real estate heritage spread over the whole national territory and from there I got the idea. I saw these extraordinary estates in wonderful locations, but completely abandoned. From there I became passionate and, with my company, we started to study the Italian territory. We realised how beautiful Italy was, full of treasures and agricultural and food products of every kind and species, as UNESCO also attests, but also how our “silverware” was not displayed in the shop window but hidden in the back.

This is how this project was conceived, out of the desire and will to enhance the entire country. We deliberately left out the big cities already known and went in search of the “knowledge and flavours” of buildings and places… and, fortunately, in Italy we find tourism and culture every 100 metres! The intention was to offer a new form of hospitality that could give “culture” in the broad sense, including food and wine for example”.

President Cimatti thanks the Under Secretary of State of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, Hon. Lorenza Bonaccorsi, for the message of appreciation sent through Re Mind.

Agedi Group is proud to have contributed to the Guide, which will be fundamental to make known abroad the enormous potential of Italian tourism, certainly paving the way for important investments in the industry.